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Marcy is the founder of Creative Collabo, a small design agency, production company and creative consultancy. Creative Collabo develops content and experiences that inspire fun, collaboration, creativity and learning. 



Marcy believes that everyone has an “inside age” and hers has always been somewhere between 4 and 8. Inspired by the finger painting and boundless wonder and creativity of nursery school, Marcy has continued to be expressive and creative throughout her life. She believes that through sharpies, colored tape, the incredible tool of a computer, and collaboration, most problems can be solved, and anything can be created.

Marcy is a unique combination of wildly creative and meticulously organized, broad minded and obsessively focused. She works fast to flesh out ideas and brings humor, enthusiasm, and a wealth of ideas to every job she does.

She has worked in NY and Boston as a freelance designer and illustrator, an Art Director, a stand-up Comedian and Performer, a Teacher and a Television Producer. Her deep knowledge of the creative process in many fields often leads clients to new ideas and opportunities.

She loves collaborating with talented people and great clients.

She attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and has taken many classes in art and design at Parsons, SVA and Mass Art.

Marcy lives in Brookline, is happily married and is raising three creative daughters.